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Very Smart Narration

Tally users are well verse of this term. Narration is a textual
entry put against a transaction that helps to correlate the
transaction and context in this was done. Narration entry for
each transaction becomes important in Tally as it helps to
identify/search the transaction details with entries done
here and can be referenced any time in future need.

About this Add-On:-

  • Very Smart Narration is an Add-On which helps to automate this process so you need not do this manually for each transaction and you never miss the entry.
  • This Add on supports Sales, Purchase, Payment, Receipt, Contra & Journal Vouchers. When user works in these vouchers he don’t need to write narrations, add on will automatically enter narrations.

Features/Advantages of the solution:

  • The Add-On helps user to create Database for commonly used Narrations & Recall them in respective Vouchers for Uniformity and Speedy entry.
  • The Add on reduces repetitive tasks and helps Tally user’s to ensure Narration entries are done automatically.
  • Helps to save time by ensuring future reference of transaction are searchable due to usage of utility. 
  •  User can select the narration from the pop up list at voucher entry.
  •  This Add on follows concept of pre-defined Prefix Text & Suffix Text.
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