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Colorful Gridlines


Colorful Gridlines is a Tally Add-On that helps you to add
gridlines and colors to default tally account book and reports.
Interface for Account book and few Tally reports provided
by Tally are simple in nature, and do not provide much
graphical differentiation between rows for ease in reading
and understanding. If you are core tally users and would
like to have gridlines separating the rows with clear
demarcation with color, this Add-On could help you much.

About this Add-On

  • This Add-on will help you to view & understand Accounts Book & Reports in very clear & comfortable style. You can choose any colour as per your wish and you will see the gridlines in your selected colour.
  • This Add-on supports in all the options of Display menu, like Trial Balance, Day Book, Accounts Book, and Cash/Funds Flow etc.

Features/Advantages of the solution

  • Ease in reading.
  • Lines are used to view each & every entry separately.
  • It is very easy & comfortable way to view Account books & Reports, in Tally. ERP 9
  • Easy to understand the entries/data & comfortable to view them. 
  • Multicolor options to choose for Grid lines and row color.
  • Ability to export same format to exported report in excel or other format.
  • Clear separation of each row of data.
  • Export of same formats to Excel and in other format generated reports.
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