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Admin Live Dashboard

Admin Live Dashboard is an Add-on which is made to get details of Voucher created by user. It is a pain point of every company owner that they are unable to get details of voucher created from their user, who created that voucher and in which time, which may cause many problems and we can't analyse who did that mistake. By this we can get all details and Track all Voucher Records in a single screen.

About this Add-on

This Add-on helps Administrators to keep track of vouchers created by users from a single screen. If you are using Multiuser, you can see the data entries live along with real time cash balance and bank balance.


Features/Advantages of the solution :

  • Track which user created which voucher in real time in one screen.

  • Check if entries are correct or not from the Dashboard itself – no need to switch in other reports to check.

  • While you are watching the live entries you can correct instantly

  • You can export and e-mail also.

  • Dashboard will show automatically on opening company.

  • Only Administrator can see the dashboard. Users of other security levels cannot see it.

  • It also displays user defined voucher types, optional voucher types.

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