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Visitors Record

Visitors Record

This Solution has been developed to maintain the records of
visitors who come to meet the specific person at office/ Plants and it is
also useful in other places like Warehouses / Godowns
(if there are lot of visitors – i.e. transporters), factory sites etc.
Basically, this is applicable for any business related location.

About this Add-on:

  • This Solution is used for Office Purpose and for any business related location, when people come to visit or to meet with the specific person.
  • Solution will help us to maintain the records of all visitor, in which time they come in and goes out.
  • Solution will help to maintain the security.
  • This solution will help us to see daily history of the visitor.
  • User can view details of Visitors easily.

Features/Advantages of the solution:

  • No need to maintain Excel Sheet /Manual Record of Visitors.
  • Creates Excellent Database.
  • Various Instant Filtrations are Possible i.e. Visitors name wise, Particular Period Visitor’s Database, Visitors Co. Name, Contact No. wise Filter, Visitors Slip Printing in specified print formats.
  • Records are Secure.
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