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Bima (Insurance)

Bima (Insurance)

Insurance is one of the important needs for the businesses

associated to automobile sector. Each & Every vehicle

running on the road needs Insurance and this is driving

factor for automobile businesses to provide insurance

service to their customers. In turn this need of service

becomes driving factor for automobile business houses

to keep records of insurance need of their customer,

services offered, services due and a way to care for their

customers by remaining connected and relevant to them

by providing best of service. This helps to win customer

confidence, legal followings and ensures good health of business.


About this Solution

Insurance (New/Renewal) is also one of the important indirect revenue generation sources for every automobile sector linked business. The Agent or Automobile business unit, who insures consumer’s vehicles, faces lot of issues & challenges while doing insurance, keeping records of insurance issued to customers and periodic follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction and welfare. It is really tough & tiresome process for executives to gather/arrange all required information and record them systematically. Lack of organized system and streamline process results in delayed/missed service to insurance customers, fear to face legal litigation and at last dissatisfied/lost customer and loss to business.

We offer solution for this problem as Add on that takes care for Customer Insurance Management need of Automobile businesses. This solution is developed on Tally.ERP9 as Platform and easily integrates with accounting and other correlated process for integrated working of business.


Features/Advantages of the solution:


•    Customers Vehicles history with complete details.

•    Details of total OD, Premium, Total act only, Total Commission with different Insurance companies.

•   Tie ups with Multiple Insurance Company and record keeping accordingly.

•   One point of entry/management of all records through Tally.

•   Records of Claim Settlement.

•   Customer’s Insurance premium due report with Auto Journal facility.

•   Separate commission reports of multiple insurance companies.

•   Instant Profitability check (Can even see savings of each voucher).

•   Multiple reports/multiple formats generation as per need of dealership.

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