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Document Management

Document Management

Why do I need Solution for  Document Management?

Document Management is a Tally Add-On that helps you to manage your day to day documents. It ensures that when you need them, you are able to find them on a click. If you have many number of documents that you need to manage for your personal need and business need, this solution could help you a lot and save lots of time and apprehensions about document management. 

About this Solution
  • This Add-on helps to maintain records.

  • Simply save your documents records and open by one click.

  • Save and Secure your records

  • Sometimes you don’t remember your records or documents, so “Document Management” helps you to find them.

  • You can see your documents by giving the Path where it is exist and can see your document directly anytime.

  • No need to remember, where that document has been located.  

  • The document can be of any type like word, excel sheet, photos etc. and even you can give direct path of any website, your important Videos, etc, can directly open by a single click.

  •  Google Drive can also be open directly if you are logged out it will ask you to sign in and after signing in it will open that exact document.

  • Any kind of documents, websites and Videos, which are frequently used in your daily work, can be store in your “Favorite Menu” from where you can directly open it by just one click. 

Features/Advantages of the solution

  • This module has been developed for proper management of Files/Documents. In any business/firm, managing the important files & document is very crucial & tough task.
  • By using this Add on dealing & handling multiple files & paper/documents, will be very easy. Rapid searching of any file, or any specific document of any file is easily possible.
  • Multiple filters are available for searching files & documents, you are just single click away to search and open your Document, no matter where it is kept on the system, which makes our module very efficient & powerful.
  • While Document entry, give a specific keyword, which makes easier to search your document by using filter.
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